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their loved ones are among those still missing. nbc bay area's chris sanchez is in the newsroom. you talked with the wife of one fisherman who was rescued. >> right. i talked with her a couple times today. i just most recently got off the phone with the wife of one of the survivors lucky enough to have landed in the water near a life raft. his wife says he is heartbroken because he now knows two of his friends of 40 years are among the fishermen missing. when he called his wife after the rescue she had no idea what he'd been through. >> he said i wanted to let you know i was all right. why wouldn't you be? he said, haven't you heard? i said no. he said, well, we were capsized. >> reporter: 66-year-old li ikegami was on a fishing trip with friends he'd known for 40 years. though this wasn't their first trip, it was the first time he slept on board the boat. >> he and some others were on one side of the boat and the boat flipped over very fast.
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he said they were thrown into the sea. he said he was fortunate enough that when he was thrown in he came up right by a raft. >> reporter: these are the first images of the rescue that followed ikegami getting to the raft and severalswimmingth topl swimming to shore and alerting the mexican navy. the u.s. coast guard rushed to help search for survivorses. according to the u.s. coast guard one person who has not been identified is dead. baja sportfishing sent us this statement. quote, we have been working with xihe t nrities and the u.s. coast guard in the search and rescue. right now our main concern is making sure everyone is accounted for. their website reads due to events occurring at this time all further trips are canceled. the head of the golden gate fisherman's association who's worked in sport fishing for almost 50 years said it could have been much worse. >> if it would have happened at nighttime, obviously they lost all of their lights if the boat capsized and equipment quit working. >> reporter: though ikegami's
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wife knows he is safe, she doesn't know whether their friends are among the missi. she says until her husband coming home she'll try to focus on the questions that can be answered. >> it's going to be a problem getting home. once we get to where the car is, how do we get the car home? just every little -- just little things, pidly things are what i'm dwelling on because i don't know what else to dwell on. >> now she knows their friends are among the miss ing. we can confirm the one person who died is american though his identity and hometown have not been released. according to the latest report officials were deciding whether to continue with rescue efforts or to switch to recovery and begin searching the sunken vessel for victims there. in the newsroom, chris sanchez, nbc bay area news. new tonight at 6:00, in richmond, police say a combative suspect caused an officer to lose control and crash his cruiser along highway 4. authorities in richmond tell us the officer was transporting the suspect to county jail in martinez when he lost control of the vehicle and rolled over in
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hercules. >> this prisoner had been unruly during the arrest. and he was spitting on the officer and that's -- the officer was trying to get something to stop the prisoner from spitting on him when the accident occurred. >> a honda accord was also involved in the accident. two people were taken to area hospitals. both are expected to make a full recovery. incidents involving cal train commuter lines will soon be caught on video. the san francisco chronicle reports all lines will be fitted with 70 cameras by year's end. the cameras will shoot video of any suicide or suicide attempt that occurs at either the front or back of every train. data shows nine suicides occurring on cal train lines so far this year compared to 11 during all of last year. a $500,000 security grant will pay for the equipment and installation. cal train's board of directors is expected to award the camera contract later this week. we are following developing news out of the north bay
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tonight where a swimmer is missing. now, that swimmer was swept down the russian river near monte rio. another swimmer was brought out of the water. we don't know if that person has survived. rescue crews are using divers and boats to miss for the missing swimmer. he has been gone since 2:00 this afternoon. rescuers think the swimmer may have drown, but until a body is found, he or she is considered missing. we will bring you more information as we get it there. after a former bart police officer just completed a prison sentence for shooting and killing an unarmed passenger, another officer is now under investigation after shooting and killing another man last night. nbc bay area's tracy grant is live at the civic center bart station with the details on exactly what happened there. tracy? >> reporter: well, brent, the bart police chief told us he still doesn't know who this victim is. he described him as a white male wearing a ty-died t-shirt and
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green military fatigue pants. but now after being shot and killed by a bart police officer, his body is sitting at the san francisco coroner's office where they're hoping someone will be able to identify him. >> using deadly force and a knife being deadly force with other type of deadly force. >> reporter: bay area rapid transit police chief says one of the pair of officers who confronted the man on the u.n. plaza civic center train platform last night was armed with a taser. but it wasn't used. instead a bart officer shot and killed the man who police say was not only carrying a knife, but also using a bottle as a weapon. for the bart police department it was the third officer involved shooting in the last 2 1/2 years, including the controversial shooting of unarmed passenger oscar grant. >> a confrontation occurred. as a result of the suspect's aggressive actions. and fearing for the safety, one of the officers discharged his duty weapon striking the
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suspect. >> reporter: bart released this timeline of the shooting. at 9:34 parts police dispatch receives a call about a man caring an open bottle of alcohol on the platform. at 9:43 they update the call. at 9:45 two bart police officers arrive on the platform. one minute later, at 9:46, an officer opens fire. >> let me say this. anybody that thinks officers wake up -- >> reporter: police are asking anyone bwho witnessed the altercation to contact them. while some passengers said today they believe this incident proves once again bart police are too aggressive, not everyone agrees. walter paulson rides bart every day. >> i think they should be safe than sorry. because it'll be protection for everybody.
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>> reporter: now, we were actually accosted this afternoon by a clearlybriated passenger as we were standing on the platform. he was verbally abusive, unsteady on his feet and downright scary. when we reported him to the ticket agent, bart police officers arrived within three minutes, scoured the platform for him and then informed other police officers at other stations to keep an eye out for him. they said that that was the only way to make sure that he and other passengers stayed safe. live in san francisco, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. a majority of californians are enjoying the weekend off from work. chp officers are busy conducting dui arrests. during the first three days of this holiday weekend, the number of dui arrests statewide now stands at 1,358. that's up nearly 30 arrests compared to this time last year. here in the bay area, 221 drivers now face dui charges compared to 175 during last
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year's fourth of july weekend. the chp reports one person is dead from impaired driving this year. tens of thousands of people lined the streets of danville today for the annual fourth of july parade. ♪ >> each year the parade attracts more than 40,000 people from the across the bay area and beyond. the numbers are staggering considering danville's entire population is around 40,000. the city doubles in population on independence day. those who've been coming for years say it is the community that makes the event. >> it's huge. it's awesome. every year it gets better and better. it's the people that make the place. and this is an awesome place to be. and we're happy that you're here. and we wish you all were here. >> you can see why those 40,000 extra people come. and they are friendly there. the danville fourth of july parade is such a big to-do that many locals set up chairs the night before.
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some people say the prime viewing spots have been passed down from generation to generation. tough economic times are throwing a bucket of water in a lot of local fireworks shows. redwood city is among those that have canceled their firework displays. but one of the hardest hit cities in the bay area will be lighting up the night sky tonight. >> reporter: downtown valeo was awash in red, white and blue tradition this morning. residents lined sonoma boulevard for a good old fashioned fourth of july parade. at the same time, another holiday tradition nearly went up in smoke. >> three years ago we didn't have fireworks at all. and you don't realize how important something is or someone is until they're gone. >> reporter: if there's one thing a cash strapped city like valeo can't afford, it's a fireworks show. >> we emptied that out yesterday. >> reporter: rather than let the firework tradition die out like a burnt sparkler, business
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owners launched a campaign to raise the money themselves. >> it's become much more than just the fireworks. just a 25-minute show, 20-minute show. you know, it's more a representation of the entire community. >> reporter: that community kicked in more than $18,000 to pay the pyrotechnics company. >> they take payments in checks of $10, $20. the guy walked away with a handful of coins. so it's -- it's really the entire community towing on the rope at the same time in the same direction. >> reporter: but the men weren't content pulling just one rope. they also arranged for a flag to be flown on the former valeo city hall for the first time in decades. >> we put a flag, you know, in the flag pole that had been missing a flag for 35 years. so it's just really important because i don't think flag poles should be without flags. >> reporter: and the residents, a city, shouldn't be without its traditions. >> valeo's had its share of problems and stuff like that.
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you know, when people come together like that in the community and put their -- pool their money together, you know, and reach out a little bit in the community, it's a good thing. >> reporter: last year, the men also raised money to pay for the city's fourth of july fireworks. that night, they got to admire their work. >> as we're walking, ken says to me, he goes, dude, do you believe we've done this? and i said, you know something? we have. that was actually the best feeling i think i've ever had my whole life. >> nbc bay area news. still ahead here at 6:00, sunscreen, swim suits and snow. we'll take you to the sierra for a very unusual fourth of july on the slopes. also ahead, one size might not fit all. the new research leading to calls for changes in mammograms. plus, why google put the brakes on its realtime searches. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri.
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we're on watch tonight for all of you heading out for fireworks. in san francisco, fog free. 62 degrees. we'll let you know if any fog is going esto be rolling in tonigh bngco u it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone
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a bay area family is out of a home this fourth of july after watching their house go up in flames. it happened in san francisco's glen park neighborhood. firefighters got the call close to 6:00 this morn ing. the fire started in the garage of the home on the 4,000 block of mission near bosworth. the flames quickly spread to the first and second floors and the homes on either side. in all three homes were burned but everyone got out safely. the red cross is helping the five adults and three children who have no place to stay tonight. one person was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and a firefighter was also transported for a minor eye injury. the cause of that fire is still
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under investigation. well, google realtime is temporarily down while the company tries to figure out how to mesh the social networking feature with its recently launched google plus project. real-time allows users to find live updates from twitter, facebook, friend feed and other social networking sites. a message posted earlier today on twitter by the team behind google real-time tells readers to stay tuned as they figure out how to make real-time jive with google plus. meantime, microsoft search engine is soon going to service china a year and a half after the rival, google, pulled out of the country over concerns about sensorship. bing will now do web searches in english for china's largest search engine. the partnership is set to begin by the end of the year. china's largest search engine does handle as many as 10 million searches in english per day. topping our health watch, a new study shows mammograms should not be treated as a one size fits all test. researchers say instead of using a woman's age as a factor, she should get a mammogram every
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year. doctors should consider her family history, the density of her breasts, and other risk factors. the study is set to come out in tomorrow's issue of the annuls of internal medicine conducted by the sutter health network and its lead author is a san francisco doctor. that report is likely to start debate because it challenges guidelines from the american cancer society and the u.s. preventative task force. autism researchers say a study of twins released today will be a game changer in their field. the results show conditions during pregnancy may trigger autism in embryos with a genetic predisposition. since autism spectrum disorders include a wide range of conditions, researchers don't think there's a single cause for all of them. a second article on the same studty found the autism risk rose among mothers who took a popular antidepressant the years before pregnancy. doctors say the risk from antidepressants is small but noteworthy. for the first time in more
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than a decade fourth of july visitors to lake tahoe were celebrating on the ski slopes. >> at alpine meadow, skiers have the liberty to ski in swimsuits. >> skiiers and snow borders are celebrating freedom on snow. >> happy fourth of july! >> enough said. snow, skis, bathing suit, sunscreen, enough said. >> it's fun. we've got live music. people like a harry man over there. natural hair. come on. it's pretty fun. everyone's just having fun. >> i hope you have sunscreen on. >> yeah, i do. i've been to emergency before. >> reporter: you don't want to get a sunburn today. >> no. but i was all brown. i play tennis. i'm all pink. >> reporter: for the first time since 1995 alpine meadows opened their lifts for the fourth of july weekend p. the coolest thing about this, not only are we skiing, but the snow quality is actually pretty good considering it's july in
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the sierra. >> the conditions rock. we have corn snow. we have spring conditions. and right on liftoffs, keep going. >> it's awesome to be out here july fourth. get some good slushy spring turns. it's amazing. >> reporter: but it's summer. >> oh, yeah. i forgot that part. >> reporter: skiiers who arrived early to the mountain were treated to another summer sight. a bear ran across the bottom of the hill and was spotted later beneath the chair lift. while some are still counting the days they've skied this year, others have already started counting for next year. one man telling me he's already got three days in the 2011-2012 ski season. i'm brian hickey. >> good stuff. >> oh, yeah. what i want to see is jeff ranieri out there skiing in his board shorts. speedo? >> i need a chromo key on wheels today. i'm on fog watch tonight. it would be nice to be up in the snow. i got to my facebook tonight. some of the comments coming in really making me jealous here. one of them, one of the best
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ones, peter ross baty is up in napa looks forward to this hot weather. also some poolside fireworks. if you can be next to a pool in the warm weather watching the fireworks, a trifecta. 85 in san jose. 92 in los gatos. definitely cooler than what we had today. that's because more of an onshore flow has started to come back. take a look right now outside. san francisco at alcatraz, a lot of people heading out of fisherman's wharf for these fireworks. currently looking at relatively clear skies. 82 in san jose. 82 in sunnyville. 66 in san frn cisco. mid-80s from nevada into sant rosa. 94 in livermore. in danville where they have the historic parade and fireworks lifting off, the hottest spot there. as for tonight, 60s here in san
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francisco. we may get patchy fog coming in. not the widespread coverage event like years best. one of the best viewings we've had in probably about three to four years at this point. 70s here in san jose. clear and mild. in the east bay, danville, walnut creek, livermore, that's the warm spot. mid to upper 70s at 9:00 p.m. tonight and very clear skies. tonight we'll call it mild here. we do have some monsoonal moisture well to the south. we're not expecting any of that to move up into our mountains as we head throughout tonight. tomorrow we may see a few thunderstorms pop. nothing major. as we head into tomorrow, a lot of you getting back into the grind of work after having today off. we'll start off with 59 in sunnyville. 59 in heyward. 59 san mateo. by 11:00 a.m. it is going to heat up. if you're here visiting, doing
6:21 pm
any traveling, maybe back towards the east tonight, watch out for some scattered showers and thunderstorms from new york down to atlanta. we'll have more in our local forecast in your seven-day coming up in just a little bit. back to you. still ahead at 6:00, keeping the parks open. the bay area county with an innovative plan to try to save landmarks from the budget acts. also ahead, crews race to spill up an oil spill in the yellowstone river as we learn more about what caused the spill. and a view like no other. meet the bay area couple runninn he rt mxc evesi lued b d aneakfasts all around. we'll show you that bhen
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back. d
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have you ever really wanted to get away from it all, just stay a lighthouse in the middle of the bay. >> yes, i have. >> you can. >> yes. nbc video journalist mike anderson introduced us to a couple who run a bed and breakfast at a historic lighthouse in san francisco bay. >> hi.
6:24 pm
i'm peter birkout. this is my fiancee, dena cashew. we're inkeepers. our inn is on east brother island which is in the middle of san francisco bay in a historic lighthouse building. it's one of the only lighthouses in the northern kra a acaliforn you can stay at and one of the very few that you can visit the lantern room. >> it's not just a bed and breakfast. it's an experience. it's a lot of hard work. a lot of manual labor. lugging things on and off the island. we have five rooms. three bathrooms total. so we have to go around and clean the bathrooms and change sheets after all the guests leave. we collect all of our water with a cistern which holds 55,000 gallons of rainwater. my favorite part about this job is the cooking. we also have a big garden out
6:25 pm
back that we just planted with the help of our volunteers and some donations. it's an hour and a half round trip just to go out and get a carton of milk or some eggs. so i have to make a really careful list and a really careful menu plan. >> one of my favorite parts is getting to blow this fog horn all the time. [ horn ] it's a pretty impressive horn. it's definitely isolated out here. most of your neighbors are seals or pelicans. think about this for a second. now, i love dena. but i also spend 14 hours a day working with dena and we live together on an island where when we don't have guests, she's the only other person here. >> that probably makes our relationship a little stronger, too. >> you think so? >> yeah. because you're forced. >> it probably makes our relationship a little stronger,
6:26 pm
too. because you're forced to. >> it's really like a little island getaway in the middle of the bay. and usually people stay up until midnight in the parlor playing games, talking, drinking more wine. it's really pretty amazing. we love it. i wouldn't trade it for anything. i certainly wouldn't trade it -- trade it for sitting in an office. that's for sure. >> that sounds like a fun place. >> it is. >> i love their interaction, too. the couple. she's like, it probably makes us stronger. >> it probably makes us stronger. very funny stuff. but good story. still ahead at 6:00, prince william gets a little daring as the royal couple continues their trip through canada. >> wonder if he's learned that trick, too. the hacking involving a major television network and president obama that has led to a new investigation. i'm scott budman. as you know, san jose is having big budget problems.
6:27 pm
so the day of the fully funded city parade, well, that shape s sailed. but that doesn't mean local parades can't make people happy. we'll take you to one coming up.
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among the casualties of san jose's budget drama, fireworks shows and parades. but the bay area's biggest city still wants to entertain you. nbc bay area's scott budman shows us how san jose has downsized its traditional celebration. >> reporter: it's not exactly the rose parade. but san jose's road garden neighborhood still brought out the king, a genie, and loads of cute kids to show 20,000 paradegoers a good time on the fourth. >> just to have fun. and interact with your dog. and also people. >> this is what it's about. being american, no matter all the drama that happens during
6:30 pm
the day, coming together as a community to have something like this for the kids and for us, it's what it's about. >> reporter: in fact, the rose forwa garden parade comes at a time when san jose as a whole is cutting way back. with city dollars in short supply, it may be time to get used to localry produced parades like this one. >> this parade is more a model of what you can expect. private sector funding. managed and organized by private sector interests. community interests. with -- i don't know if there's any city money in this at all. >> reporter: a lack of city money is why san jose's christmas in the park no longer has its own parade. so it came here. >> but we wanted to be in a parade. so we've brought our christmas in the park parade train into the parade. so we will have a parade of sorts. different time of the year and a little smaller version. >> reporter: similar, yes. but to these paradegoers, it's not money that matters. >> it's great because, you know, people leave behind what's going on right now and they can still keep going. it's a day that you can celebrate and can still keep
6:31 pm
going. i think it's great. >> reporter: big may be how we got around in the past. but, smaller, that can get you there, too. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. meanwhile, men and women serving overseas with ties to the bay area are being recognized this independence day. los gatos honored hometown troops who are either still fighting in iraq or afghanistan or have returned home. this is a ceremony that was hosted earlier today at los gatos high school. >> usually everybody's talking during the whole program and enjoying the orchestra, the san jose wind similar pony. when they read the 67 names you can hear a pin drop on the lawn. there's a lot of respect in the town of los gatos. >> it's always on their mind that they're over there. they've been there for quite a while. but you have to realize that the u.s. military is strong and i think they operate quite well. >> reporter: the event is in
6:32 pm
association with operation yellow ribbon, a los gatos-based group. on american's 235th birthday presidential hopefuls were out in full force trying to pick up a few votes. from backyard picnics to the war zones overseas, our countrymen took this day to celebrate freedom in very different ways. nbc bay area's brian mooar has that story from washington. >> reporter: july fourth at the beach. is there any better way to celebrate america's birthday? yes, actually, there is if you live in connecticut where beach bound traffic jams started before dawn. >> i know we've been here since 5:00 in the morning gl it's torture. >> reporter: for most of us, independence day was a chance to chill out with a cookout or kick back at a parade. in phoenix, it may not have been as hot as a firecracker, but it was 100 degrees. in am hurst, new hampshire, presidential hopeful mitt romney was trying to pick up votes. fellow republican jon huntsman was literally running for the
6:33 pm
white house. in atlanta participants in the peach tree road race were trying to survive ten kilometers. an endurance test. nothing like nathan's hotdog eating contest on coney island. at d/fw airport in dallas american warriors got a hearty welcome home. and in afghanistan a group of american soldiers took this day to re-enlist. general david petraeus is about to become the next cia director and was there to say good-bye and thanks. >> and america can never thank you enough. >> reporter: america's 235th birthday. a day to stand up and be proud. even if you're sitting down. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. fox news is apologizing tonight for tweets saying president obama had been assassinated. the fox news politics account tweeted six reports that president obama had been shot and killed in iowa. but it was all a hoax. hackers broke into the account
6:34 pm
early this morning and sent out those tweets. fox news called them malicious and false, adding that it will work with twitter to figure out how the account was compromised. the secret service is also investigating. as the rape case against dominique strauss-kahn in new york appears to be unfolding, a new allegation of rape is surfacing. a french novelist says the former imf chief tried to rape her in 2003 but she didn't report the crime because it could have hurt her mother's political career. the 32-year-old's lawyer is expected to file a formal complaint against strauss-kahn tomorrow. his lawyers are considering filing a countercomplaint of slander. astronauts arrived in florida today as they prepare for the last mission of nasa's 30-year shuttle program. the crew includes rex willheim of san carlos. they landed at kennedy space center. they're scheduled to lift off aboard "at lant tis" friday for
6:35 pm
a 12-day mission to the international space station. 1 million people are expected near the launch site to watch the last sendoff. thousands of gallons of oil from an exxon mobil pipeline is now fouling montana's yellowstone river. the oil spilled from a broken pipe that had been temporarily shut down back in may because of concerns over rising water. exxon mobil had been warned about safety concerns several times. >> we really apologize for the inconvenience that this incident is causing all the people in montana. we began air quality monitoring right after the incident and i want to confirm that we have not found any readings that would be of any danger to the public. >> reporter: now, that spill happened about 150 miles northeast of yellowstone park in laurel near the end of that 55-mile pipeline. it is traveling away from the park and it has flowed past the cities of billings and shutting off water service there for a day, though. the cause of the spill and the extent of damage has not yet been fully determined. the duke and duchess of
6:36 pm
cambridge continue on their nine-day canadian tour. they received a royal welcome today on prince edward island. cheering crowds were on hand to greet the couple. dozens of people camped out overnight just to catch a glimpse of the royal newlyweds. charlottetown was the site where canada's founding leaders first met to talk about creating a canadian confederation back in 1864. >> it is quite a moment for katherine and me to be standing here in atlantic canada in front of province house where canadian federation was forged. >> prince william also had a chance to show off his helicopter rescue skills. he's a royal air force rescue helicopter pilot and that is william landing on the water there. he requested a chance to simulate that emergency water landing procedure called water birding. it was invented by canadians and afterwards the two participated in a dragon boat race. william and kate will arrive in california on friday. >> a pretty good trip there.
6:37 pm
still ahead tonight at 6:00, the bay area's most famous eater tries for a fifth straight hotdog eating title. protecting our parks. the new strategy to keep parks open here in the bay area during these tough budget times. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. we're on fog watch, tracking a little cover on the coastline. still one of the best fourth of july forecasts coming your way after a little bit of cooling today and 85 in san noesw what this means for tonight and
6:38 pm
rrow's forecast,rr coming up. for complete news coverage
6:39 pm
24/7 go to a battle is brewing in northern california over giant redwood trees. the california department of transportation wants to remove dozens of the trees at
6:40 pm
richardson grove state park in humbolt county. local groups are asking a federal judge to stop the project. they say the plan would damage root systems and increase traffic and pollution. a ruling is expected this week. because of the state financial crisis, 70 state parks are scheduled to be closed. that includes a lot of them in the bay area and all across northern california. >> well, park supporters continued their efforts to hold the budget steady and keep the parks open. they're also developing innovative ways to help those on the local level to save those parks. >> yeah. one of the most innovative initiatives has just been launched in sonoma county. nbc bay area's doug mcconnell has that story. >> we have to set our minds to keeping state parks open. we can't take no for an answer. we have to say this is the goal and this is what we're going to do. >> reporter: there more spectacular and diverse state parks in sonoma county. they have long attracted visitors from near and far. >> to shut people out of those
6:41 pm
opportunities to create memories for their family would be a very, very sad day. i look at us as californians that we're bigger than allowing that to happen. >> reporter: some major state parks in sonoma county, now closed part time, are scheduled to be closed full time to help save $11 million in the budget of california's already financially strapped state parks system. it's a relatively small savings, some argue, with big consequences. >> in my mind, when you lose state parks, there is really nothing you don't lose. you lose the heart of california whn you shut state parks. >> reporter: these are the haunting remains of a huge home famed writer and adventurer jack london built on this beautiful ranch in sonoma county a century ago. then just before he moved in, the wolf house as he called it, mysteriously was destroyed by fire. one of many fascinating stories in what's now jack london state park. one of our state parks scheduled to be shut down.
6:42 pm
>> isn't this just magnificent? >> reporter: i explored jack london state park with carol heart, director of the sonoma regional park district and chair of the california state parks commission. and dave gould, retired after a long career with state parks. and now leading a new and unprecedented coalition in sonoma county dedicated to keeping these parks open for everyone. >> we're not going to sit home and watch tv or play on the computer. we're going to do something to protect this park. >> what we're talking about is all of us coming together and figuring out what the solutions are for each park. >> reporter: the park's alliance of sonoma county is rapidly taking shape. public and private partners working together strategically for the first time in the most basic of ways. by sharing resources, staff and volunteers. raising money for the parks. and increasing public participation. all to avoid closing any of sonoma's precious state parks. >> people should know, this is going to be fun because we are going to prevail.
6:43 pm
and you are going to be part of history. >> reporter: if successful, jack london's magnificent ranch will always be open to explore. and his story will be told every day around the stones of the wolf house. and in the recently restored cottage where he worked, entertained and passed away in 1916. >> with you we can keep state parks open. dave and i can't do it, but all of us together, i know we can do it. >> we're actually hoping to create a model that can go throughout the state in some of those other counties that are still scratching their head, figuring out what are we going to do. look at what they did in sonoma county. we can do that here. >> reporter: doug mcconnell, nbc, bay area news. it would be great if they can do it. so many parks at risk right now. >> 70. want to check in with jeff. pretty nice weather. a little toasty in some spots. >> it's warm. fog is still holding off, you guys. i know every year it's kind of that delicate balance. is the fog going to move in before the fireworks go up in san francisco? we'll have your forecast coming
6:44 pm
up in a few minutes, the seven-day, with some big changes. the padres look to rain on the giants' holiday parade. ev> plus, let the gorging hery dog has its day. but july fourth is joey
6:45 pm
chesnutt's day on coney island.
6:46 pm
good eats, just ahead. and welcome back. we're going to turn it over to jeff ranieri in just a minute to give us a fourth of july forecast. jeff, your color palette on the maps, i'm loving reds and fuchsias. >> blue coming in. you're right. it is a lot of orange. a lot of reds coming our way. the thing we're monitoring right now is the fog. we always seem to have it rolling this time of the year right during the fireworks. what you'll notice is this marine layer is pretty compressed as we look right out toward the golden gate bridge. that should help bring us some of the best visibility we've had in a couple of years at this point. 62 in san francisco. winds out of the northwest at 22 miles per hour. should help to scour out any kind of fog that tries to develop throughout our bay side community. looks great for the peninsula.
6:47 pm
90 in livermore. dropping off to 79 in san jose. remember to drink a lot of water if you're still planning on heading out. it's going to be a mild night for us. that dehydration is kick in fast. throughout tuesday, cooler at the coastline. still stays hot inland. big time changes coming in our seven-day forecast after this rather hot weather. look at this. all this dry air covering the entire state of california. those oranges and also yellow colors there, that's just the sign of how strong this region of high pressure is sitting offshore. it will keep us warm here for the next 48 hours. 90s still inland for tomorrow. by wednesday, we'll start to see those numbers slowly trickling down for us. fog tonight is going to be offshore. we'll see a little coverage for the peninsula in san francisco as those fireworks go off. looks like still some of the best visibility we've had in years. it'll be more of that patchy kind of fog and hopefully you'll have a window of clearance there in san francisco that should allow some good firework viewing. let's get a look. tonight, 60s in san francisco.
6:48 pm
the coolest spot with some patchy fog. decent windows of clearing. down to the south for san jose, temperatures in the 70s. also clear skies, no fog expected tonight. and in danville for the historic celebration that goes off we know it nearly doubles the population and the amount of people that head out there, it's going to be the warmest here in the east bay with mid to upper 70s expected. also very, very warm. once again, bring that water and remember to hydrate yourself. we've had a couple of very warm to hot days. 93 in santa teresa tomorrow. 93 in los gatos. tuesday, 71 in san francisco. 60s coming back to the coastline. we know we've had a couple of very nice beach days. i was out laying in the sun yesterday. even though i had the sunscreen on i still got a little bit scorched. make sure to put it on and put it on often. 86 in nevada. we're looking at 90s for tomorrow. by thursday, friday and saturday
6:49 pm
slowly going down with low to mid-80s. looking super for this upcoming sunday. as for tonight, once again, most of the thick fog should stay offshore. i'm still calling for one of the best viewings we've had in a couple of years. >> always a concern. if you can see the fire yn wowo. >> let's turn it over to sports. scott what would the fourth of july be without a little baseball and hotdogs? >> it is a slice of americana after all. giants seemingly had everything going for them today. sold out holiday crowd. tim lincecum on the mound. struggling opponent. that opponent always seems to play pretty well in san francisco and that would be the case once again. timmy in trouble early. 1-0, san diego.
6:50 pm
orlando hudson with a knock. lincecum lasted just five innings, gave up three earned. bottom sixth, the crowd comes alive as pablo sandoval hits one in the drink. a mammoth slashdown. the guy in the canoe got a sweet souvenir. giants had a couple runs. venable with a long ball of his own. 5-2 at that point. padres hang on and win 5-3. giants 1 for 7 with runners in scoring position. >> in his first start since being named his fourth all-star game, tim lincecum did not exactly look the part on monday as we struggled to get through five innings. >> i don't know. just things weren't going right. i couldn't -- i use this all the time as my excuse or whatever you want to call it. i didn't feel like i had a good rhythm. didn't feel like i had good energy. so i just felt like i was battling through every pitch. instead of just kind of cruising. >> i thought timmy was off today, to be honest.
6:51 pm
you know, stuff wasn't quite there. he was battling out there. early they get a couple breaks in that first inning. >> reporter: giants outfielder cody ross left the game in the sixth inning with a mild left hamstring strain. he is expected to get an mri on tuesday. reporting from at&t park, jamie sire for nbc bay area. thanks. a's hosting the mariners. brandon mccarthy making his first start since may 18th. got a little help from his buddy suzuki. bouncer finds its way into left. a's take a 1-0 lead. top seven. a 1-1 game. justin smoke, well, he smoked it. that's double brendan ryan scores all the way from first. a's manage just three hits. lose 2-1. kate longworth with more from the coliseum. >> reporter: brandon mccarthy shined in his first start in over six week. but oakland's offense lacked the
6:52 pm
fire power to back him up as the a's fell short of the "w" against the division rival "ms." >> i don't change anything about the way i throw whether 15-1 or 1-0 or we're town. it's executing pitches. if i throw a shutout we've got a better shot. i don't think about the offensive what's going to happen. that's just kind of too much to be thinking about while i'm out there. >> when you get a well pitched performance and you lose, it's frustrating. but, you know, you don't carry it over to the next day. >> reporter: the a's are now 12-19 in one-run games. that's the worst record in the majors. at the coliseum, kate longworth, nbc bay area. how about some summer pucks? the sharks continue to be major players in the trade market. last night dealing forward danny heatly to minnesota for speedy forward martin halvelick.
6:53 pm
heatly drew criticism in san jose for lack of playoff production. he gets a fresh start in minnesota. >> wasn't my greatest playoff. i think overall in the playoffs, i've been pretty successful. other than last year -- i'm excited to get back there. of course, the fourth of july means hotdog bingeing. san jose's own joey chestnut defended his nathan's dog eating title by downing 62 dogs in ten minutes. he's now won five straight mustard belts at the annual gather ing. he did it today without arch rival kobayashi who boycotted the coney island event. joey chestnut only 27 years old. just entering his dog eating prime. i think we can look forward to years of hotdog eating prowess. >> i can't imagine. he's done it so many years. nuts how much he eats. >> what exactly is your hotdog
6:54 pm
eating prime? what age would you say he hit the sweet spot on that? >> i think 27 to 32. >> i'm well out of it by now. >> you'reimprim e. >> absolutely. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage watch tonight
6:55 pm
at 10:30. >> we'llb2jpvfytt1a3ndu
6:56 pm
tonight at 11:00, disaster
6:57 pm
at sea. new information about some bay area tourists on board a boat that capsized in baja. to want hear from survivors about what went wrong moments before they went under. plus, the one thing on the boat that they are crediting for saving their lives. those stories tonight at 11:00 after the macmacy's fourth of j spectacular. transformers blasting its way to the top of the box office this holiday weekend. pulling in more than $116 million this weekend and then $181 million since it opened tuesday night. "cars 2" slipping to the number two spot raking in $32 million. at number three, cameron diaz's "bad teacher" bringing in over $17 million. >> i do want to see that. i have to admit. >> you escape the heat. go see a movie. >> i saw "super 8" yesterday. it was good. >> thanks for watching nbc bay area news at 6:00. >> join us back here tonight at 11:00.
6:58 pm
have aoureat fh.rt h. our latest editorial urges you to support bills that would help save these natural treasures. jonathan ads, parks are our most essential commons and we all simply cannot allow them to be closed, period. but jeny reminds us, we voted on supporting our parks in november and decided we wanted money in our pockets more than we wanted our parks to remain open. not only is it time to think
6:59 pm
outside the box, it appears we need a new box. great editorial. richardt ns2,-4 ying it will displace state work rs both part time and permanent. no matter how you slice it, they want to supplement union workers with volunteer. thanks for your comments. join us online at nbc and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity.

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